Takes about 1 minute each and requires no tools !

Step 1:To remove the original couplers pull the black plastic clip off of the power valve shaft. We will not use the black clip when installing WaveEater couplers



Step 2:  Push the coupler forward and pull up and off. 


Step 3:Install new WaveEater CouplerSlide on the small end of the spring then the stainless washer. The washer keeps the slotted shaft from spreading apart. Push the washer and spring on as far as it will go 

Next, angle the coupler and slide on the flat end of the coupler over the long slot in the power valve shaft


Step 4:Line up the pin with the mating shaft and slide the WaveEater Coupler back into place. This will be a very tight fit and may take a little force to lock into place. The spring holds it on


Repeat the same steps above for the second coupler on 1200cc engines




That’s It. Depending upon the wear on the old factory couplers you just removed, you may notice a slight speed increase and overall performance boost